We have compiled some of the best NHL Betting tips in one article. This overview will give you substantial material that is good to have when considering making a NHL wager. Everything from what to look for and what to research before going all in on a NHL bet you are not quite sure about. Provided are some NHL Betting tips to getting the best bet, but the ones we will be covering here are key suggestions to keep in mind if you wish to attain the highest payouts on your NHL betting selections.

NHL Betting Tip 1: Research Goalies

NHL teams usually have the same winning percentage when they have their starting goalie or backup. You will want to check the history stats for a specific team when a backup goalie is a factor. Most people view a team starting their backup goalie as an underdog – disadvantage to winning the game. The bet will be adjusted by sportsbooks so the underdog bet pays out bigger. That being said, always check on who the starting hockey goalies will be to optimize your bets for a higher winning probability, after all, the backup goalie usually does not have as much experience, or at least, not as much ice time as the start-up, hence, being less alert to the puck shots.

NHL Betting Tip 2: Research Injuries

Some hockey players are more significant to a team’s winning or losing than others. If a star player is injured, then check out the teams winning percentages when the player is starting as well as when he is not. Sportbooks will adjust money lines if a significant player is injured and this will offer a higher payout to the bettors. If the hockey team wins even without their star player, then this would be a good bet to consider regardless of the hockey player’s status.

NHL Betting Tip 3: Bet the Underdog

Most people like favorites to win, but with the NHL being so competitive, any team could win any game. Sportbooks will sway the odds so an underdog bet will pay out more. A good thing to consider, if you bet on underdogs every game, is that your potential money loss would be less than if you bet on a favorite, and your potential earnings would be greater. So betting the underdog is usually the best choice.

NHL Betting Tip 4: No Parlay Bets

Parlay bets are enticing since they offer a higher payout for a smaller wager. For regular bettors (meaning recreational bettors), it is better to bet on single straight games than on parlays. Basically, parlay bets have tougher odds and definitely less chances of giving you a win, since you have to make one bet on multiple games, with every game having to be a win or the bet is a loss, hence, the reason to stick with straight hockey bets if you are just betting as a random hobby. The higher payout definitely sounds and looks good, but a bettor will win more often on single straight bets than risking it on parlay bets, unless you are a savvy bettor already.

NHL Betting Tip 5: Look for the best Money lines

Different sportsbook sites offer different money lines. It is a good idea to join multiple sites so you can search around for the best lines and again, find the highest payout odds for you.

NHL Betting Tip 6: Money Management

A bettor will always want to keep a strict limit on their wagers. One should never go all in on one game. Professional guides say that a bettor should wage 5% of the total they have to gamble with. For example, if you had $100 to bet with, you would bet no more than $5 on a game. With a strict limit on wages made you will keep your overall money from blowing away in the wind. Obviously, this is just a suggestion for your online betting, but if you have gone through it already, you might want to ante-up a bit more, little by little as a pro.

NHL Betting Tip 7: Under the Influence

Never ever under any circumstances make a bet when you are under the influence of alcohol, or anything else for that matter. As we know alcohol impairs your judgment and this will lead to making bad decisions. Even if you are on a losing streak, do not go and make one huge bet because that will be a sure fast way to lose your money. Always remember money management, and not to be under the influence while making bets.

When it comes down to it, always do the necessary research needed to make a wise and potentially profitable bet. As long as you always find the best money lines and realize who is playing in what games and to never ever be under the influence while wagering, then your NHL betting will stem out and grow before your eyes.